Truth Engineering (Tru'eng) deals with truth, things, life, people (their person-hood), and artifacts in a manner that intends to present a modern view which will balance abstraction and computation for a more full being-ness, in general. The motivation comes about, in part, due to our complex situations which have emerged over the past 200 years or so; one may say that "climate change" and its observability can be used a metaphor ("genies let out of the bottle" is more apropos).  

As such, the topics, and approaches, that may have some "academic" flavor are, definitely, of a practical focus.

 An initiation of the needed discussions can be found in the following articles:
Truth and things (posts)
People (persons)
Abstraction (nonsensical and otherwise)
Computation (cloud'd and not)
The history of Tru'eng is important and will be fully discussed. For starters, a list of what "It is not ..." might be apropos.  


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