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Truth Engineering (Tru'eng) deals with mappings, and the maintenance thereof. Mappings? These relate (intra and inter) computational, human, and natural worlds (the order implies the basis) and become of increasing difficulty through time as our knowledge and prowess grows.

Too, the bifurcations that we see (of many variety) suggest the problem. The scope of Tru'eng entails the whole lot, however of prime importance now is that gap we see twixt abstraction's playground and common sense (to be thought of as teachable - the Flynn Effect can be taken as an example to explore in depth). Now, we will use a broader concept, namely intuition (which can be taught), that will allow us the capability of arguing for "person in the loop" (we will sort out the connotations) as essential for "truth" processing.

Singularity? No, as the above order of worlds suggests, humans possess the talent that is necessary (important aspect of truth engine efficacy) to cope with these problems. Computation, as our artifact, is under our control when dealt with in a proper manner (of which we do not see much evidence in today's climate of greed and short-sightedness - as in, money'd states as the prime means of evaluation of worth). Tru'eng is how we can maintain the necessary directorship.

Now, can our artifacts develop properties and behaviors that we do not understand and that can be detrimental to our health and well-being? Of course, that has been true from day one. That engineers joke about "bug or feature" is age-old (relatively). Too, please, take note of the insidious nature of the "cloud" as it overlays mankind in other than a benevolent manner.

Just nature taking its course? Not. Perhaps, if we qualify "nature" to include our long-term impacts, we would get the proper insight. Tru'eng brings the whole gamut of complexities to the table.


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