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*** What's New - 07/19/2014.

Looking at other methods:
              Drupal (removed)     Wordpress             Joomla 3.1.1        
(old - removed)

                                                             considering Concrete5 (example)

                                         Note: 02/11/2014 Drupal was hacked. Hence, it was removed.

                                                  07/06/2013 Drupal seems to require too much coding,

                                                     versus the other two. Coding is a young fellas game;

                                                       time and energy are essential.

                                07/19/2014 - Spent a few days getting reacquainted with CSS
                                        which meant seeing the newer stuff. So, modified the TGS
                                        site thusly (see the devlog page for some details plus links
                                        to the blogs). Also, the tradeoffs deal with configuration
                                        versus content management.

                                       Drupal (possible) themes: 
NewsFlash, Simply  Modern,
Pixture, Summertime, Aperture, Drupify

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