Truth Engineering (Tru'eng) considers the modern world's dilemmas and weighs in with a novel approach. Mankind has been tribal, for a very long time, with inter-tribe conflicts being more the norm than not. But, we can take the turmoil back a step to the family: the tale of Cain and Abel is sufficient.

Before the modern age, conflicts were local and limited due to serious constraints on travel. Too, technology's influence on weapons, both those of the offensive and defensive types, was a damper.

Along with families and tribes, as a means for identifying intra/inter relationships, we can add abilities, both mental and physical. Let's take the latter, first. One word is all that we need to describe a major factor in the mid-to-south and western European realms: Vikings. However, if we were to be a little more diligent, we would include those threats from migrating hordes from the East who were bent on claiming land and showing superiority (Eastern Europe will get more notice, in the future, as the savior of Western Civilization, many times over).

Due to the threats, we see that the need for defense, then, came early. For example, castles and keeps came about as defensive collective means. Yet, progress allowed, later, such shelters to be reduced to dust from afar; so, where was one to hide. We will ignore, for now, personal defense and get back to it later.


To leap ahead, tribes abound today that are artificial aggregations, whether done by choice or by happenstance. Conflicts are everywhere dense. One main difference now is computation and all that can be associated with such. This progress (?) toward our current prowess was the result of long years of effort by many. A lot of it has a good basis, from insights drawn from mathematics and science and from adeptness acquired by engineering and technology. But, at the same time, one can talk about genies (nod to another tribal (set of tribes) phenomenon whose interplay with the West is more than a thousand-years long and whose fundamentals are more common to us than many may (or want to) recognize) being let "of the bottle" which are, now, far beyond our control. Short-sightedness comes to mind; however, too, blinders are of many sorts, including those that color higher-order (supposedly) thought. It is at the foundations of the trend toward abstraction and artifact that we will start our description.


So, now, let's look at the mental abilities. Since STEM is the focus for a lot of effort, we will lean toward that. However, arts and other forms of human endeavors, say everyday coping in a competent manner (especially, when having to deal with machinations of high-IQ (however tested) morons), are as worthy of our attention (as we will show, given time; using smart with money is really oxymoron'ic).

Initially, we will use the "S" and "M" as the other two are assumed to be (but it has not been proven) subservient to these. And, as the little joke goes, mathematics talks to God (however, does God talk mathematics (only)? - to the wits, even without quasi-empirical concerns coming to the fore, why would LOGOS consist solely of mathematics or be of that ilk? please, get a grip on yourselves).


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