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In December of 2023, published paper on machine learning: AI, not solely machine learning.


In October of 2023, after much discussion, Larry L. Walker and John M. Switlik of the Sperry Univac Knowledge Systems Center (KSC) have accumulated papers related to the work of the KSC. During their analysis of ChatGPT and other aspects of xNN/LLM, an announcement is planned for establishing a new mode of discussion and work.

Expected title: The True State of AI Tools in 2023 - Good, Bad, and Ugly ()


In November of 2022, OpenAI let loose ChatGPT to the public. This was based upon GPT3. There had been earlier reviewers, a small set. But, not to a generally public milieu. It's seminal for various reasons. The reactions are across the board.

For us, it's a time to discuss truth engineering, finally.

Here is our post and my opinion: ChatGPT.

This is not an official TGS opinion, it is mine. And, I (JMS, starter, with Ann, of the TGS, Inc.) need to give some overview. Why? I have been decades doing advanced work with computers where the focus was involved in 'real' issues related to application of these things. It has been a long road that these types of programs (meaning systems-level focus) and projects have hoed. Some results have been remarkable, say MRIs and other imaging, or CAT/CAE/CAM (advance mathematics applied to design and engineering), communications (look at the 'cloud' for instance - but with rose-colored glasses as that place is a mess), scientific experiments (but the issue of non-repeatability is there; and, other issues; be aware that the framework's strength will keep problems from being obvious), medicine (too many to note, however I will say that I was in top-notch surgical environments back in the '60s in the U.S. Army and saw the state of the art then; to me, robotic surgery is far from something that we ought to trust), and much more. Essentially, computing is everywhere. That is why immature and irresponsible acts are and ought to be concerning to anyone thinking of the future and their progeny of that time. Pollution is one analog such as we got the EPA for. There are other descriptions that I will do later. ... Truth engineering is what the TGS is trying to raise to focus. ... Disclosure: my focus is not Comp Sci. No, it comes from the underlying mathematical frameworks that are being used. Necessary care does not seem evident since a product ought not be released until fully analyzed with respect to several factors, one of which is safety. The main issue? Allowing API access which is hidden from view for something that is not really a product, nor has it any ability as expected by most. Cute, but poisonous to our mental health, might be one depiction of the state of the thing.


Two papers from the past:
    How Paradigms of Computing Might Relate to KBE 
    Practical Issues of AI 


Truth Engineering (Tru'eng), the key to the future. We are reorganizing this effort. For now, a post from which we will make announcements and a link to our principal model for analysis and discussion.

Recent blog post: Overview of AI.


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