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What's New

07/19/2014 -- Bit the bullet (all sorts of motivations, but this is one). So, got into HTML/CSS, again, so as to get up to speed. Then, changed the TGS site. Blogging about the content management as well as the technical issues as I go along.

02/11/2014 -- Drupal was hacked. First time for everything. Removed the Drupal installation. Considering Concrete5 (example).

07/10/2013 -- I think that I found it: Joomla 3.1.1. Ice Themes offers a new template that is interesting. Like the approach, albeit the backend takes some getting used to. But, one can add in one's own code. Too, Wordpress might be put into place as a blog resource.

07/06/2013 -- Finished the Workpress video (see page); now looking at a series Joomla videos (not as well presented, but helpful in finding way through the labrinth of menus in the development area). Drupal? Too much emphasis on code, at least in the version that I looked at. I had to go to a WYSIWYG editor, cut the HTML over, and test.

07/05/2013 -- Spent the past few months with You-tube classes (Stanford, etc.) dealing with theoretical subjects. Or, looking at music videos ranging across the decades. Like reliving the past. ... Now, it's time to grapple with the website itself. My experience is long, across a whole lot of platforms and approaches (including distributed, intelligent, and object-oriented). So, I have the basis having dealt with 10s of different types of languages. Also, used web-based approaches, both compiled and interpretive. So, I could jump ahead, from the 2000 timeframe, and use a language. But, rather than do that, I'll use some of the neat tools. So, following along a tutorial, about Wordpress, I'll set up a site. After that, I'll do Drupal and Joomla tutorials and have them all on the same level. Then, I'll stop and see what is the best of techniques. I'll choose one, get acquainted (by then, I'll have the WSIWYG thing down), and develop the permanent site.

12/30/2012 -- Most likely there'll be a New Year's resolution: find which of the tools listed in the Technical Section to use (or find another tool or buy a WYSIWYG that cuts good HTML).

05/21/2012 -- Officelive is gone. Now, we'll upgrade the site (see Technical section, below).

04/17/2012 -- Only 13 more days of Officelive.

03/23/2012 -- Converting to using HTML, for the interim, using SeaMonkey/Composer.

03/15/2012 -- This site will be moving from OfficeLive to another host (hopefully, soon). Updates on the progress will be regular. 

04/03/2011 - We've just had our 4th March. Too, we need to look at background issues in order to build the proper model.


09/24/2010 - A couple of themes relate to this effort: Facebook as metaphor and what may be versus what must be,

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